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  • Learn how to whiten and take care of your teeth

  • Learn to heal cuts on your gums and prevent and help heal cavities

  • Learn how to control, prevent, and help get rid of acne and scarring

  • Learn to lose weight

  • Learn to heal a chipped tooth

  • Learn to get rid of mouth problems like Gingivitis

  • Learn to reduce wrinkles & crows feet

  • Learn how to grow out your eyebrows & eyelashes

  • Learn to kill eyelash mites

  • Learn how to treat bug bites

  • Learn how to reduce pain

Makeup & Nails
  • Learn how to apply makeup like a pro so that it looks fabulous and perfect

  • Learn makeup tricks that beauty Youtubers don't tell you

  • Learn about the best high quality inexpensive makeup on the market. Not all makeup is created equal

  • Learn how to apply eyeliner and fill in your brows, as well as the best tools to do so

  • Learn how to grow your nails fast and take care of them. Learn the best products for nails

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  • Learn to blonde your hair naturally without damaging it

  • Learn how to properly comb out your hair without losing so much hair in the sink

  • Learn how to grow your hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes

  • Learn how to make your hair stunning with the best products on the market

  • Learn how to blow dry your hair without damaging it

  • Learn how to kill lice

  • Learn about the different things you are doing that damage your hair


I used to ​weigh 350 lbs, my hair was like straw/wire, my makeup looked terrible and smudged, I had scars all over my face, and my hair wouldn't grow past my shoulders for many years. I studied under Barbara Frank, and she taught me how to lose weight, how to get rid of my acne and grow out my hair. From there, I stepped out on my own to learn and study health and beauty. I studied disease in college, and focused on parasitology and researching health. Then, I learned how to perfect my makeup, do my hair, smooth and beautify my skin without makeup, prevent acne all together, and feel and look healthy and vibrant naturally. Now, I can teach you what I learned. So, why do you need me?

You need me because not knowing how to kill

bacteria in your eyes can lead to you being

blind; not knowing how to kill the bacteria in

your skin can lead to acne, rashes, and skin

conditions like Rosacea; not knowing how to

properly take care of your hair can cause you

to damage it and lose it; not knowing how to

properly take care of your teeth can lead to 

cavities and mouth problems like Gingivitis. 

Everyone needs this information, because not

knowing these things can set your life on a

more painful path with negative experiences.

Furthermore, knowing how to properly take

care of yourself makes you beautiful because

health is beauty. What makes someone healthy

is what the world finds to be beautiful. Beauty

is inside out, it is not just on the surface. Once

you learn how to take care of yourself, you

will have this information for the rest of your life, and with it, you will obtain true beauty.


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